MusicTime is a program of musical enrichment for early childhood taught by Rick and Debbie Christie featuring Musikgarten curriculum.

Our goal is to make music an enjoyable and important part of each child's life so that parents and children experience the joy of making and sharing music.

Music and movement experiences in early childhood have a measurable, positive and highly significant impact on a child's development. These experiences help develop the creative, artistic nature of children nurturing their social skills by improving self-confidence, stimulating creativity and abstract thinking.

Children learn best by playing, moving and experiencing. MusicTime is an active fun experience for children and adults.

Musikgarten allows us as adults an opportunity to interact in a child's world. By modeling and participating we can guide them and grow with them.  When children and parents play together a loving secure bond is formed that is the foundation for the child's future development.

Give your child the gift of Music!

Early childhood...

There is no time more important.

Music makes the difference!

Can you wait?

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Phone: 727-595-0523


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